Power cables with XLPE insulation, additional electric protection and external semi-conductive sheath

HRN HD 620 S1

IEC 60 502-2

1-conductor: Al or Cu rope, compacted
2-conductor screen:semi-conductive layer over conductor
3-insulation: XLPE
4-insulation screen: semi-conductive layer over insulation
5-electric protection/screen: made of Cu wires, watertight construction
6-sheath: semi-conductive PE
7-additional electric protection: of tinned copper wires (1 or 2 layers)
In earth, ducts, on cable trays, where no mechanical damages are expected. Constructed for moderate mechanical tensile strains.
As underground distributive or connecting cable in areas with very low ground conductivity, for protection of electric power plants from over voltages caused by lightning or other features at high voltage transmission network.
nominal voltage:6/10, 12/20, 20,8/36 kV
max network voltage: 12, 24, 42 kV
test voltage: 15, 30, 52 kV
standardi: HRN HD 620 S1, IEC 60 502-2

*additional electric protection is rated in dependence on the request of the client. All other data are the same as for cable XHE 49 and XHE 49-A
All data are the same as for cable XHE 49 and XHE 49-A