Self-supporting medium voltage universal power cables

IEC 60 502-2

1-conductor: Al or Cu rope, compacted
2-conductor screen:semi-conductive layer over conductor
3-insulation: XLPE
4-insulation screen: semi-conductive layer over insulation
5-electric protection/screen: made of Cu tape
6-external sheath: PE-HD
On overhead network pillars. Partially in earth, ducts or on cable trays when transferring from or to overhead network. As distributive cable in urban networks. As connective cable for industrial plants.
nominal voltage:12/20kV
max network voltage: 24kV
test voltage: 42kV
standardi: IEC 60 502-2

tipska oznaka po HRN HD XHE 48/0, XHE 48/0-Ay
XHE 48/0, XHE 48/0-Ay 12/20 kV
Cross section (n x mm2/mm2) Conductor diameter (mm) Insulation thickness (mm) Diameter over insulation (mm) Sheath thickness (mm) Cable diameter (mm) Cable weight (kg/km) Minimal bending radius (mm)
3x70/16 10,1 5,5 23,3 2,8 57,5 2388 870
3x95/16 12,0 5,5 25,1 2,9 61,5 2800 930