Submarine power cables with XLPE insulation:

– single core with armour of aluminium alloy AlMgSi in watertight construction

– three core with armour of steel wires in watertight construction

HRN HD 620 S1

IEC 60 502-2

HEP – bilten broj 100

1-conductor: Al or Cu rope, compacted
2-conductor screen:semi-conductive layer over conductor
3-insulation: XLPE
4-insulation screen: semi-conductive layer over insulation
5-electric protection/screen: made of Cu wires, watertight construction
6-sheath: semi-conductive PE
7-additional electric protection: of tinned copper wires (1 or 2 layers)
As submarine distrbutive or connecting cable.
nominal voltage:6/10, 12/20, 20.8/36 kV
test voltage: 15, 30, 52 kV
standards: HRN HD 620 S1, IEC 60 502-2<
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