In the headquarters of the BH Telecom in Sarajevo, Elka kabeli presented the advantages of xDSL technology and new cable types on December 20, 2005. The presentation which was organized by our partner Unatel, gathered 25 telecommunications specialists.

Mr. Krešimir Škeljo, M.Sc. delivered a speech on the services supported by ADSL and xDSL. A survey of the existing standardization of TK cables and of the new IEC standards adopted in 2005 was presented by Mr. Stipo Durmiš, B.Sc.Eng. Our specialist for the telecommunications cables, Mr. Davor Karniš, spoke about the cable types needed for xDSL, and the experiences of Elka kabeli and T-Croatian Telecom at joint ADSL pilot projects with new xDSL cables.