The IV. International conference on business processes – Business Process Conference 2005, was held in Zagreb on October 6 and 7.

It gathered more than 420 participants from 12 world countries. Beside some eighty specialists of the Croatian economy, participated also the university professors active in the area of management, informatics and communications.

Elka kabeli participated for the first time in the conference. There was presented a project of implementation of an integrated information system SAP (8 modules, 2 sub-modules, 5 interfaces, bar code), and the participants could find out more on the changes in the business processes of sales, export trade, development, production, purchase, quality control, storage, plant maintenance, finances, controlling and human resources evidence.

The conference was organised by the company InfoDom with the Zagreb Faculty of economics and the Varaždin Faculty of organisation and informatics, in co-operation with the Ministry of economics, labour and entrepreneurship, the Ministry of justice and the Central state office for e-Croatia.

The director of InfoDom, Mr. Slavko Vidović, pointed out in his interview for the Business journal, that the conference has emphasized the importance of the process knowledge, as a means of a modern management, which supports the increased speed of business operations and the total intelligence of the company. He explained that in Croatia the information technology is introduced mostly in individual business functions, such as for inst. sales, purchase or account-keeping, which have thus acquired a quicker access to the financial data. Mr. Vidović observed that the matter of the business processes is treated in terms of the buyer. The scope is a horizontal connection of all parts of the business operations, so that in the end the buyer would be served regardless of the number of the involved business functions.