PUR insulated and sheathed cable


The cable consists of untinned copper strand, class 5, PUR insulated. Cores stranded together and protected with a layer of rubber filler and PUR sheath.

Sheath colour is orange.

No of cores | Cable with protective conductor (coded Y) | Cable without protective conductor
2 | - | black-blue
3 | green/yellow-black- light blue | black-light blue-brown
4 | green/yellow-black-light blue-brown | black-light blue-brown-black
5 | green/yellow-black-light blue-brown-black | black-light blue-brown-black 6 | green/yellow, all other black with numbers | black cores with numbers
Cables are well suited as connection cables for tools, machines and motor industries. This cable is especially suited for use in extreme weathering and enviromental conditions due to its good thermal and chemical properties (temp range -40°C to +80°C) which along with excellent mechanical properties, e.g. pressure and wear resistance, secures its long lifetime.
coded acc. to ISE-C-004: PUR/PUR
nominal voltage: 1000 V
test voltage: 3000 V