Mr. Franjo Gregurić, D.Sc., Head of the Supervisory Board of the Company Elka Kabeli d.o.o.

Mr. Darko Belić, M.S. New President of the Management Board

Zagreb, May 31, 2006. – Elka kabeli d.o.o., a leading cable producing company in the region, has got a new management.  A three-member management was elected at the meeting of the Supervisory Board, and this change was caused by the unexpected death of the former president of the Management Board, Mr. Vladimir Musulin.

Mr. Franjo Gregurić, D.Sc.,  a former Prime Minister and a former managing director of INA, who had also held the leading positions in Astra and Chromos, was elected the president of the Supervisory Board by the assembly of the company Elka Kabeli. The vice-president of the Supervisory Board is Mr. Miljenko Hacek, and the other members are Mr. Mladen Kos, Ms. Tatjana Holjevac, Mr. Dušan Sekulić, Ms. Nidžara Osmanagić-Bedenik and Mr. Ivan Babić.

The Supervisory elected a new Management Board, whose head is Mr. Darko Belić, M.S., a former Management member of the company HEP d.d. for economic-financial operations.  The other members are Mr. Boris Bjedov, M.S. and the former Management member, Mr. Ivan Meliš.
After taking up the duty, the new president of the Management, Mr. Darko Belić, said:
“Our wish is to maintain a leading position in the cable production at the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, but we shall also initiate an extensive expansion of our business operations to western and new markets”.