Elkakon was founded with the basic equity of 3.092.000 of kunas, and Elka and Koncar D&ST have equal shares in the new company. Elka and Koncar D&ST plan to invest the additional three millions of kunas into the construction of new facilities and equipment.

 The planned total income of the company is some two millions of EUR per year, and for a starter the company will open fourteen work places. With the production capacity of approx. 1.150 tons per year, Elkakon, as a new domestic producer in the range of round and profile industry conductors, is ranked among the bigger producers in Croatia and in the neighbouring countries. During a today’s signing of the contract, Mr. Oskar Pollak, the director of the new company, has announced that approx. 70 % of Elkakon’s production will be sold at the domestic market, and the remaining production should be exported to the neighbouring countries and the Middle East countries.