The President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Stjepan Mesić and his associates visited our factory on March 23, 2007.

The President of ELKA kabeli d.o.o. Management, Mr. Darko Belić with the Management and the Supervisory board members Dr. Franjo Gregurić, Dušan Sekulić and Miljenko Hacek, informed Mr. Mesić on the business operations of the company and the development plans.

After a visit to the plant, President Mesić attended the stipulation of the contract with our major export buyer Eland Cables, related to the year 2007 cables delivery in the value of EUR 13,5 million.

The signing of this contract represents a continuation of an exceptional business co-operation in the segment of special cables export for the necessity of the British Railways and the other users of Elka’s products at the UK market.

ELAND CABLES, the company with the headquarters in London, is a leading cable distributor at the UK market.

The co-operation with Elka goes back to 1992, but a vigorous growth was registered after the year 2000, when Elka’s cables were officially certified by Railtrack and National Grid, the companies in charge of railway net and power distribution maintenance.

During 15 years of partnership relations we’ve expanded our production range and established our position at the UK market. Through Eland Cables Elka has so far supplied the cables for numerous significant facilities and projects in UK: signaling and power railway cables in the value of EUR 10 million for the restructuring of the west and south region railways, special cable for Airbus 310, cables for power supply at all London airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, and a specially constructed cable for lighting of the department store Harrods.

Mr. Philip Brown, Director of Eland Cables and the majority owner of the company, expressed his satisfaction with the previous co-operation: “Elka is a first-rate ambassador of Croatia, with a high-quality service and the products which guarantee the continuation of our successful co-operation”.