800 exhibitors from 51 countries participated at the largest power supply fair in the Middle East, held from February 2 – 8, 2006 in Dubai.

Along with the industry leaders from Europe and North America, for the first time were present the exhibitors from Brazil, Poland, Argentina and Bangladesh. According to the information of the organizers, already at the end of the second fair day the number of visitors has increased for 12 percent in relation to the year 2005, clearly indicating the importance of this event for the industry of the region. They have also pointed out that it is a question of one among the five largest power supply fairs in the world.

For the second time in a row Elka kabeli presented itself together with the companies Končar, Elektrokontakt and Metalprodukt within a national exhibition area in the organization of the Trade Chamber Zagreb.

Such an event couldn’t have been neglected by the cable producing companies such as ABB, Aristoncavi, Batt Cables, Helukabel, Nexans and NKT Cables.

According to the exhibitors, it has been an excellent opportunity for the realization of the business contacts at the market known as an exceptionally large consumer of the power supply equipment. The recent estimations of the World Power Supply Council indicate that 57 billions of dollars will be spent in the next six years in the Middle-East and North-African region on installation of new capacities only.