For the first time in the long history of its existence our company has recently initiated the production of optical non-metal self-supporting antiballistic cables.

The order for the first 100-odd kilometers of cables with a lower level of antiballistic protection was placed by the Croatian Railways. The cables shall be mounted on the pillars along a number of the railway routes all over Croatia..

The testing of this type of antiballistic cable started as recently as in April 2003.

It is a question of self-supporting cables passing sometimes also through the hunting-grounds, where they become a target of the gamebirds hunters. The damages caused by hunting gun pellets may lead to a complete break of the self-supporting non-metal cable fiber. The optical fibers must be protected against all harmful influences the cable might be exposed to. Considering a fact that the self-supporting cables are exposed to a high load, an ideal protection of the optical fibers is a tubular secondary “loose tube” insulation, filled with tixotropic, water-resistant compound. Correctly selected size of the tube and adequate position of the fiber within the tube prevents the impact of the forces upon the fibers at maximal operating strain and extreme external influences of wind, ice, high and low temperatures.

To protect the cable against the hunting gun pellets too, it has to be wrapped by aramide fibers. The cable protection stops the pellets, preventing the impact to cause any damages of aramide fibers, inner sheath and optical fibers.

The cable tests have proved that the sensitive optical fiber can be safely applied even in bad weather conditions, at mechanical loads, and even when they are the hunters’ target, if placed in the optical self-supporting cable. Finally, considering a fact that it is a question of non-metal cable, i.e. a cable with no electromagnetic radiating, UV-resistant, with high capacity of information transmission, its advantages are really huge.