Flexible paralelly PVC conductor

227 IEC 42, IEC 60227-5

The wiring cables consist of 2 paralelly laid conductors, insulated with a PVC compound, and can be easily separated. The conductor consists of highly flexibile cop-per strand, class 6. On request, the copper may be tinned and thus coded P/LK.


The colour is defined during ordering. The HRN HD 27 S1 specification for colours is not applied to this type.
The cable type P/L is intended for connecting of small mobile electrical appliances, such as table lamps, wire-less sets, table fans and so forth. It is recommended to protect additionally the cable inlet place with a rubber or thermo-plastic protection sleeve.
coded acc. to HRN HD: H03VH-H, HRN HD 21.5 S3
coded acc. to IEC:227 IEC 42, IEC 60227-5
nominal voltage: 300/300 V
H03VH-H, P/L
Nazivni presjek Konstrukcija vodiča Debljina izolacije Vanjski promjer Najmanji otpor izolacije kod 70°C Težina kabela Duljina Kolut
Cores x Cross-section Cond. Diam. Insul. Thickness Outer Diam. Min. Insulation resistance @70°C Cable weight Length Coil
(mm2) (nxmm) (mm) (mm) (MOhm/km) (kg/mm) (m) (type)
2 x 0,50 27 x 0,15 0,8 2,8 x 5,2 0,016 25 125 100
2 x 0,75 40 x 0,15 0,8 2,9 x 5,6 0,014 29 125 100
2 x 1,0 54 x 0,15 0,8 3,1 x 6,2 0,013 35 125 100