We inform the authorised regulatory bodies, securities markets and public that at their today’s assembly the shareholders of Elka d.d. have approved with 99,24% of the present shareholders votes the Contract on the sale and the transfer of the business share in the company Elka kabeli d.o.o. to the company EPM Usluge d.o.o.

EPM Usluge, the company in the ownership of the present Management of Elka kabeli, has offered EUR 20 millions for Elka kabeli, and following the today’s approval of the Contract, has become the owner of Elka kabeli. Herewith is successfully terminated the sale of the 100% package of Elka’s affiliate company in an international tender, announced in February of the current year.

At the today’s Assembly meeting the shareholders of Elka have also decided on the use of profit, and they have carried a decision on the dividend payment in the amount of 8,80 kunas per share with 100% of votes.