ELKA d.o.o. shall manage with responsibility the environmental protection, adopting the system harmonised with HRN EN ISO 14001 standard, in accordance with legal regulations and other requests applicable to the area of its activity.

The already developed system of environmental management shall be maintained through internal audits of environment, with the assistance of an authorised, internationally recognised certification company. Our commitment towards prevention of pollution through maintenance of the highest grade of control over the environmental aspects in the processes of design, production and development of final product shall reduce the possible impact on the environment.

The Company’s commitment is to use ecologically acceptable technologies and processes aimed towards prevention of the pollution of environment, specially in the fields of ground release and water control, what is conforming with the set goals of environmental management.

The Management of the Company gives full support to such policy and its objectives. All employees are trained and motivated to perform their tasks correctly and in compliance with the policy of environmental protection. All employees are responsible to do their best to protect themselves, their associates, equipment and products.

This policy is open to public.