Continuing more than 90 years of presence in the production of electrical insulated conductors and cables, we want to sustain also in future a high quality of our products and services, securing thus our position and reputation both at home market and abroad. Our attention is always focused at the requirements and the needs of our clients and we are doing our best to fulfil them completely and at competitive prices. In our endeavours towards that aim we have committed ourselves to the following elements of our quality policy:

  • Procurement of products meeting client’s requests and rendering safety, reliability and economy in application;
  • ELKA’s products are developed, designed, produced and delivered pursuant to internationally recognised standards, under minimal costs and within stated terms;
  • ELKA’s Management keeps taking corrective measures aimed at development and increase of the quality level in all company’s sectors;
  • Each employee in ELKA is responsible for the quality of his work under respect of the rules deriving from the Quality Assurance System and determined by the Quality and Environment Manual;
  • Quality-oriented training is a constant obligation of all employees, and along with the quality motive itself, it represents the most important element of the business improvement;
  • The stated policy is realised under application of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015.