2010. Initiated production of high-voltage 110 kV power cables.

The Croatian Prime Minister, Mrs. Jadranka Kosor, attended the festivity in Elka kabeli d.o.o., on which occasion she opened the new plant for production of medium- and high-voltage power cables.

Produced new cables for solar panels

2009. Produced and certified new constructions of cables for construction industry

2007. Eightieth anniversary of successful business operations of Elka kabeli was marked by the end of October.

Constructed a special medium voltage power cable acc. to the British Railways standard.

Successfully developed and tested Elkalex with communications pair enabling remote communication with electrical meters.

The President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Stjepan Mesić, visited Elka and attended the signing of 13,5 mil. worth contract between Elka kabeli and Eland Cables

Elka has constructed a cable for Končar wind power unit KO-VA 57/1 of 1000 kVA power.

2006. Production of multi-purpose medium voltage power cable suitable for laying in earth, over earth and under water

Started the production of new generation of flame retardant, fire-resistant shipboard cables.

2005. Production of medium voltage 20 kV cables with optimization of cable power transmission capability using thermal monitoring. Testing, production and supply of fiber-optic, non-metallic, self-supporting ADSS antiballistic cables successfully completed.

2004. Started the production of xDSL cables

Development and testing of new generation of xDSL pair telecommunication cables with improved transmission characteristics. The cables enable higher speeds of dana transmission by means of ADSL and VDSL technologies.

Testing and supply of halogen-free, fire-retardant and fire-resistant 1 kV BXO cables for tunnels.

By the end of May EPM Usluge d.o.o., the company in the majority ownership of the present Management of Elka kabeli and the business Elka kabeli d.o.o.

Elka kabeli designed, tested and produced the newest generation of cables, able to meet the current needs of ADSL technologies.

2003. By the decision of the Management Board of Elka d.d. was founded the company Elka kabeli d.o.o., as the affiliate company in the 100-percent ownership of Elka d.d.

The entire cable operations of Elka d.d. and the assets connected with the cable production were transferred to the newly-founded company.

Elka d.d. and Končar distribution and special transformers (Končar D&ST) founded Elkakon, the company for the production of round and profile industrial conductors.

2002. The Environment Management System was certified acc. to the standard ISO 14001.

1997. The Quality Management System was certified acc. to standard ISO 9001.

Cross-linking of MV cables by dry procedure (in nitrogene).

1996. Started the production of halogen-free fire-retardant and fire-resistant shipboard cables.

1988. Elka initiated the production of fibre-optic (optical) cables and sets for main, local and internal networks, and in Zagreb was installed the first communication link in Croatia, realised with an optical cable. The company was the first optical cables producer at the markets of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1985. Production of its own cross-linked polyethylene acc. to the licence of the American company General Electric Co.

1979. In co-operation with the Italian industrial giant Pirelli, Elka produced and laid the submarine cable of 20 and 35 kV voltage level in the length of 120 kilometres of cable cores for the power linking of the North and Middle Adriatic islands.

The production of steel, aluminium and al-steel ropes was increased by new capacities in the Metal Ropes plant in Zadar.

1977. Commissioned new lines for permanent vulcanisation and started the production of low voltage (up to 1 kV) and medium voltage (up to 35 kV) cables insulated by cross-linked polyethylene.

1972. Commissioned a new plant for the production of micro-cables and special cables in Tugonica, district Zlatar Bistrica.

1970. Introduced the production of telecommunications thermoplastic insulated cables for power stations and local networks, and commissioned new mixer plants for rubber production.

1966. In Elka was produced the first 10 kV power cable with aluminium conductor and PVC insulation.

1951. Developed the production of low voltage insulated conductors and cables insulated with thermoplastic materials.

1947. The production range was extended with enamelled and dynamo wire and shipboard cables with rubber insulation and lead sheath.

1940. Introduced aluminium for power cables conductors.

1927. Foundation of Elka – the company for electrical engineering and cable factory d.d. Zagreb.