COTRA d.o.o.

Cotra d.o.o. was established and registred in Varazdin, Croatia, back in 1990. Equity of the company is cca. 500.000,00 EUR.

Every year, the company grows in gross volume and income as well. Back in 2003. our income was cca. 12,5 millions of EUR and during the past couple of years we’ve reached cca. 23,5 millions of EUR. Our profit grows accordingly and most of it is reinvested in order to improve the quality of our services and to expand our company. For example, the result of such business policy is a larger investment into shares of a renowned Croatian electrical cable factory Elka d.o.o. from Zagreb. Distribution of Elka’s products is a part of our successful long term cooperation.

The company turns special attention in doing business with smaller companies throughout Croatia and neighbouring countries. So, back in 2004., we were cooperating with more than 540 business partners in Croatia only.

Since 1999., we have implemented ISO 9002:1994 quality management and accordingly, we recieved ISO certificate issued by SGS International Certification Services AG.

Our company has 22 employees at the moment. Headquarters is at the address Ivana Severa 17, Varazdin, Croatia. In the beginning of 2008. we have opened a branch office in Zagreb at the address Koledovčina 1, in the headquarters building of Elka d.o.o.


Cotra d.o.o.
Ivana Severa 17, 42000 Varaždin

Tel: +385 42 402 000

ELKAKON d.o.o. – Production of Industrial Conductors (Joint Venture)

Elkakon is a company in joint ownership of Elka kabeli d.o.o. and Končar distribution and special transformers – Končar D&ST d.d., in whose basic capital the founder companies participate in equal ratio.
The new company started its activity in December 2003, and by its foundation the production of round and profile industrial conductors was united in a separated company.
The production capacity of Elkakon is some 1150 tons per year,  and the company is also the only producer of   round and profile industrial conductors in Croatia.
Seventy percent of the production Elkakon sells at the domestic market, and the rest is exported to the neighbouring countries.

Elkakon d.o.o. – Production of industrial conductors
Koledovčina 1, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel: +385/1/2452 850