New generation of pair cables enables higher rates of data transmission by means of xDSL technologies

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), a modem technology, converts existing twisted-pair telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high-speed data communications. ADSL can transmit up to 6 Mbps to a subscriber, and as much as 832 kbps or more in both directions. Such rates expand the existing Internet access capacity by a factor of 50 or more and with small improvement of existing cable network. ADSL is literally transforming the existing public information network from one limited to voice, text and low resolution graphics to a powerful, ubiquitous system capable of bringing multimedia, including full motion video, to everyone’s home in this century.

ADSL Applications:

  • Internet Access, etc.
  • LAN Access (Teleworking)
  • Distance Learning
  • Broadcast TV
  • Home Shopping
  • Video On Demand


ELKA kabeli d.o.o. has designed, tested and produced the newest generation of cables able to meet the current needs of ADSL technologies.

ELKA has produced the following xDSL cables :

  • TK59-50 x DSL 100x2x0,4 GM,
  • TK59-50 x DSL 200x2x0,4 GM,
  • TK59-50 x DSL 400x2x0,4 GM,
  • TK59-50 x DSL 600x2x0,4 GM,
  • TK59-50 x DSL 800x2x0,4 GM,
  • TK59-50 x DSL 1000x2x0,4 GM.

Within a pilot project the new xDSL cable has been laid at the area of the Zagreb-locality Trnje, and the test results have shown that it fully meets all technical requirements of T-Hrvatski Telekom.

Elka kabeli has developed and delivered also a new type of terminal cable TC3 PO HFFR for telephone exchanges and installation cables for households (subscriber cables) which are linked with xDSL cables, i.e. they are compatible with the entire broadband system.

The cables are marked by modern design, they are flame-retardant, halogen-free, with low smoke release in case of fire.

  • TC xDSL HFFR 1X2X0,4
  • TC xDSL HFFR 2X2X0,4
  • TC xDSL HFFR 5X2X0,4
  • TC xDSL HFFR 10X2X0,4
  • TC xDSL HFFR 20X2X0,4
  • TC xDSL HFFR 50X2X0,4
  • TC xDSL HFFR E 32X2X0,4