We are pleased that we can present our company to you. On the following pages, we will introduce you our history, our goals, our approach to work and our range of products.


ELKA is a leading cable producing company at the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.
A strategic goal of ELKA is maintaining a leading position at the mentioned markets, as well as expanding business activities, especially to western and new markets. Constant dynamic growth is, and will be the result of our activities towards the needs of our customers and expectations of shareholders and employees.
The Vision of ELKA is to remain a cable company, interested in vertical and horizontal expansion, aiming at competitiveness increase.
Vision, strategy and goals are based upon our values and beliefs: quality, engineering, service, flexibility, ethics and orientation towards objectives and results.

“ELKA” stands for quality, professional skill and operational capability of the major producer of electrical cables in this part of Europe. Our successful business operations led to respectability and tradition of the company, established in Zagreb in 1927. For more than 90 years we’ve steadily created new and high-quality products, expanded our markets and searched for new partners.

Fundamental to the company success, to meet customers and market requirements, have been its active research and development program and regular investment in new facilities.

Starting from a basic wires and cables production, ELKA has expanded the area of its operations towards new cable types: telecommunication, optical, fire-retardant and halogen-free shipboard cables, cables for petrochemical industry and others.