On the occasion of marking one century of light in Zagreb, Elektra Zagrreb has awarded its business partners, and among them also Elka, with a Charter for a long term successful business co-operation.

Elka kabeli and Elektra Zagreb participated together on numerous projects conducted by the Municipal office for space arranging, environmental protection, city building, construction, municipal works and traffic.

Elka’s cables were applied in numerous projects, the most prominent among them being:

  • reconstruction of electric-power network and public lighting on numerous city roads like Ilica, Frankopanska, Vlaška, Jurišićeva, Gundulićeva, Branimirova, Nova Ves, Hebrangova
  • reconstruction of Ljubljanska and Slavonska avenue
  • construction of Domovinski (Homeland) bridge and the motorway towards Sisak
  • construction of Jankomir bridge
  • construction of complete infrastructure for POS apartments
  • construction of the shopping malls in Importanne Centre, Importanne Gallery, King Cross, City Centre One and Avenue Mall with access roads

In 2004 Elka’s cables were used for illumination of the ski run on Sljeme for the World cup race “Snow Queen”, and in 2005 the surrounding area of the lake Bundek was illuminated by our cables. Elka’s cables were also applied for illumination of the newly constructed underground garage and roads on the Kvaternik square, and our low voltage and medium voltage power cables were fitted into the new transformer station plants 110 kV Podsused, 110 kV Savica, same as Resnik and Rakitje.