The web address contains the new Internet sites of Elka kabeli.

In terms of contents they are diversified, and a simple navigation enables the tracking down of all relevant information on the company.

Along with the basic financial business indicators, the sites convey a survey of Elka’s history, and the corporation principles related to company’s strategy, environmental protection, quality management, care for the buyers, employment. The two associated companies of Elka kabeli, Elkakon and Elkateh, are also presented there.

The visitors can get insight into all most important projects in which Elka kabeli has participated in the last few years.

In the category Press corner are available also the most recent news, the calendar of events, the biographies of the Management members, and the photo gallery whose contents is suitable for further use in all media.

The most complex category, the Products catalogue, can be more easily searched now, and consequently, it is more functional. It is divided in three groups: the production structure, the descriptive part per product groups, and the products’ catalogue per groups.

The structure and the up-to-date concept of the new Internet sites has designed and prepared the interactive agency Willevolve in accordance with the corporation standards of Elka kabeli.