Heavy three-core insulated conductor with green/yellow protective core

HRN HD 620 Part 5c-2
IEC 60 502-2

1-conductor: copper fine wire rope
2-insulation: rubber compound based on ethylene-propylene elastomer (EPDM)
3-sheath: rubber compound based on polychloroprene (PCP)
In dry and wet locations, outdoors, in plant premisses with conflagration risk
For mobile appliances, tools and agricultural machinery
For building sites exposed to medium mechanical stresses
temperature range: -40°C to +90°C
nominal voltage: 450/750V
test voltage: 2500V
minimal bending radius: 4x outer diameter
insulation/sheath: EPDM/PCP
flame retardance: IEC 60332-1
Nominal cross section Conductor diameter Insulation thickness Cable diameter Supporting rope diameter Beam diameter Beam weight Minimum bend radius
(nxmm2/mm2) (mm) (mm2) (mm3) (mm/mm) (kg/mm) (kg/km) (mm4)
1x1,5 1,6 0,8 6,8 8 8 64 5d
1x2,5 2 0,9 7 9 9 73 4d
2x1,5 1,6 0,8 9,8 10 10 85 3d