PVC insulated wiring cable

227 IEC 06

1-conductor: untinned copper conductor
2-insulation: PVC compund

Colours of insulation according to standard: black, light-blue, brown and green/yellow
For protection installation in electrical devices as well as in lighting fixtures.
coded acc. to HRN HD: H05V-U, HRN HD 21.3 S3
coded acc. to IEC:227 IEC 06
nominal voltage: 300/500 V
test voltage: 2500 V

Nazivni presjek Konstrukcija vodiča Debljina izolacije Vanjski promjer Težina kabela Duljina Kolut
Cores x Cross-section Cond. Diam. Insul. Thickness Outer Diam. Cable weight Length Coil
(mm2) (nxmm) (mm) (mm) (kg/mm) (m) (tip)
0,5 1x0,80 0,6 2,2 10 100 125
0,75 1x0,95 0,6 2,4 12 100 125
1,0 10x1,13 0,6 2,5 15 100 125
Conductor is packed in 100m coils.