Rubber insulated conductor for lighting

HD 22.8  S1

VDE 0282/604

1-conductor: tinned copper fine wire rope
2-insulation: rubber compound based on ethylene-propylene elastomer (EPDM)
3-sheath: rubber compound based upon polychloroprene (PCP)
In dry, damp and wet premises and outdoors as connecting insulated conductors for lighting fixtures at squares, gardens etc.
tipska oznaka: H05RNH2-F
standard: HD22.8 S1, VDE 0282/604
nazivni napon: 300/500 V
ispitni napon: 2000 V

sheath colour: zelena

Cores x Cross-section Cond. Diam. Insul. Thickness Outer Diam. Cable weight Length Coil
(mm2) (mm) (mm2) (mm) (kg/mm) (m) (tip)
2x1,5 1,6 0,8 5,2x13,2,8 121 100 K-200