The president of the newly elected seven-man Supervisory board of ELKA kabeli is Dr. Franjo Greguric, the former prime-minister, and the ex-general director of Ina, who has held also the executive positions in Astra and Chromos. He is currently a business consultant to the Croatian exporters.

The vice president of the Supervisory board is Mr. Miljenko Hacek, the director and the owner of Cotra, and the other members are: Mr. Mladen Kos, the dean of the Electrical engineering and accounting Faculty (FER) of the Zagreb University, Mrs. Nidžara Osmanagic Bedenik, the professor of the Faculty of economics in Zagreb, Mr. Dusan Sekulic, the owner and the director of the company Skab, Mr. Vladimir Mikulicic, the professor at the Electrical engineering and accounting Faculty, and the workers representative, Mr. Ivan Babic

(Dnevnik, 12.7. 2004.,pg.16)