Special rubber mining cables

HRN N.C5.360

VDE 0250/Teil 812

1-phase conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
2-control conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
3-protective conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
4-separator: polyester tape around phase conductors
5-insulation: rubber compound at ethylene-propylene elastomere base (EPDM)
6-semi conductive layer: rubber compound at ethylene-propylene elastomere base (EPDM)
7-semi-conductive layer over phase conductor insulation: semi conductive textile tape
8-semi-conductive layer over around cable core: semi conductive textile tape
9-inner sheath: rubber compound at natural and styrene-butadiene elastomere base (NR+SBR)
10-separator: polyester tape
11-electric protection: jacket of tinned copper wires (EpN 63); double jacket of combined copper and steel wires (EpN 63 (S))
12-separator: polyester tape and rubberised textile tape as external sheath reinforcement (only at EpN 63)
13-plašt: rubber compound at polychloroprene elastomere base (PCP)

Sheath colour: yellow
Flexible cable is intented for application in mines with methane pits. It is used for supplying combine machines and for machines at preparation and opening of sites. Apart from the application of cable controller, it is possible to achieve two control circles, for example for the control of conveyor and of combine harvester. During operation cable is in continuous movement, exposed to mechanical strains and it satisfies severe working conditions. Construction of EpN 63 cable is intended for laying in cable chain where bending radius is 2.5 DD and it can sustain 5000 single bending cycles according to internal regulations of ELKA. Construction of EpN 63 (S) cable is intended for supplying combine harvesters without cable chain where cable is drawn by the machine and thereby exposed to great tensile forces with bending and twisting. Permissible bending radius is 5 D, with 5000 single bending cycles (D=external cable diameter)
nominal voltage: 0,6/1 kV
test voltage: 3,5 kV
standards: HRN N.C5.360; VDE 0250/Teil 812
Permissible conductor temperature: 90°C
Short circuit temperature: 250°C

SHEATH INSCRIPTION: EpN 63 3x70+2x4+10 mm2 0,6/1 kV ELKA HR year of production

EpN 63, EpN 63 (S)*
Konstrukcija Promjer faznog vodiča Debljina izolacije Debljina plašta Vanjski promjer Težina kabela Dužina Bubanj
Construction Phase conductor diameter Insulation thickness Sheath thickness External diameter Cable weight Length Drum
(**) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg/km) (m) (type)
3x25/16+2x4+1x10 6,2 2,0 3,5 39,0 2580 500 BD-16
3x35/16+2x4+1x10 7,5 2,0 3,5 41,5 2810 500 BD-18
3x50/25+2x4+1x10 8,9 2,0 3,5 45,0 3550 500 BD-18
3x70/35+2x4+1x10 11,1 2,0 4,0 51,0 4920 500 BD-20
3x95/50+2x4+1x10 12,1 2,4 4,0 56,0 5900 250 BD-18
*at cable EpN 63 (S) letter (S) is not according to standard, outer diameter and weight exceeds for aprrox. 10% the values quoted in table
n - broj faznih vodiča - number of phase conductors
n1 - broj upravljačkih vodiča - number of control conductors
n2 - broj zaštitnih vodiča - number of protective conductors
S - presjek faznog vodiča - phase conductor cross-section
S0 - presjek električne zaštite - electric protection cross-section
S1 - presjek upravljačkog vodiča - control conductor cross-section
S2 - presjek zaštitnog vodiča - protective conductor cross-section