Special rubber mining cables

HRN N.C5.360

VDE 0250/Teil 812

1-phase conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
2-control conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
3-protective conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
4-separator: polyester tape around phase conductors
5-insulation: rubber compound at ethylene-propylene elastomere base (EPDM)
6-semi conductive layer: rubber compound at ethylene-propylene elastomere base (EPDM)
7-semi-conductive layer over phase conductor insulation: semi conductive textile tape
8-semi-conductive layer over around cable core: semi conductive textile tape + polyster tape
9-inner sheath: rubber compound at natural and styrene-butadiene elastomere base (NR+SBR)
10-separator: polyester tape
11-sheath: rubber compound at polychloroprene elastomere base (PCP)

Sheath colour: yellow
Flexible cable is intented for application in mines with methane pits. It is used for all drives where usage of cable controller and remote-control usage are indicated. Permissible bending radius at removal during operation is 2.5D, at what radius the cable can sustain 5000 single bending cycles without inner damages (D=external cable diameter). Construction 3x6+2,2,5+6mm2 is not according to HRN and it has been specially developed for drilling machines. EpN 62 construction enables application of cable controller and drilling machine control.
nominal voltage: 0,6/1 kV
test voltage: 2,5 kV
standards: HRN N.C5.360; VDE 0250/Teil 812
Permissible conductor temperature: 90°C
Short circuit temperature: 250°C

SHEATH INSCRIPTION: EpN 62 3x50+2x6+10 mm2 0,6/1 kV ELKA HR year of production

EpN 63, EpN 63 (S)*
Konstrukcija Promjer faznog vodiča Debljina izolacije Debljina plašta Vanjski promjer Težina kabela Dužina Bubanj
Construction Phase conductor diameter Insulation thickness Sheath thickness External diameter Cable weight Length Drum
(**) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg/km) (m) (type)
3x6+2x2,5+1x6 3,1 1,2 4,1 24,5 860 500 BD-12
3x16+2x6+1x10 5,0 1,2 3,0 29,0 1280 500 BD-14
3x25+2x6+1x10 6,2 1,4 3,0 34,5 1790 500 BD-14
3x35+2x6+1x10 7,5 1,4 3,0 37,0 2350 500 BD-16
3x50+2x6+1x10 8,9 1,6 3,5 41,5 3120 250 BD-16
n - broj faznih vodiča - number of phase conductors
n1 - broj upravljačkih vodiča - number of control conductors
n2 - broj zaštitnih vodiča - number of protective conductors
S - presjek faznog vodiča - phase conductor cross-section
S1 - presjek upravljačkog vodiča - control conductor cross-section
S2 - presjek zaštitnog vodiča - protective conductor cross-section