Heavy mining cable for drills

HRN N.C5.358

1-phase conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
2-insulation: rubber compound at ethylene-propylene elastomere base (EPDM)
3-separator: polyester and rubberized textile tape
4-inner sheath: rubber compound at natural and styrene-butadiene elastomere base (NR+SBR)
5-anti-torsion braiding: braiding with suitable threads
6-sheath: rubber compound at polychloroprene elastomere base (PCP)

Sheath colour: yellow
Due to its high grade flexibility and resistance to torsion strains, this cable is applied in quarries, in mines with underground exploitation for supply of craft drills with electric power.
nominal voltage: 450/750 kV
test voltage: 2,5 kV
standards: HRN N.C5.358
permissible conductor temperature: 90°C
short circuit temperature: 250°C

SHEATH INSCRIPTION:EpN 58 5x6 mm2 450/750 kV ELKA HR year of production

EpN 58
Konstrukcija Promjer faznog vodiča Debljina izolacije Debljina plašta Vanjski promjer Težina kabela Trajna radna struja Dužina Bubanj
Construction Phase conductor diameter Insulation thickness Sheath thickness External diameter Cable weight Continiuous operating current Length Drum
(**) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg/km) (A) (m) (type)
5x6 5,0 0,9 2,2 21,7 715 56 1000 BD-
n - broj faznih vodiča - number of phase conductors
S - presjek faznog vodiča - phase conductor cross-section