Flexible rubber mining cables

HRN N.C5.350

VDE 0250/Teil 812

1-conductor: tinned copper fine-wired rope
2-separator: polyester tape
3-insulation: rubber compound at ethylene-propylene elastomere base (EPDM)
4-separator: polyester and rubberised tape
5-inner sheath: rubber compound at natural and styrene-butadiene elastomere base (NR+SBR)
6-external sheath: rubber compound at polychloroprene elastomere base (PCP)

Sheath colour: black
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The cable is applied for connecting of mobile usersat points where medium mechanical strains occur and in dry rooms where there is no danger of explosion and in mines without methane. At application tensile strain of short duration should not exceed 10 N/mm2 of total conductor cross-section. Bending radius must not be below:
- 4D for normal usage
- 10D for tugging over wheels (guides)
- 10D for winding on wheels (reels)

D=external cable diameter
nominal voltage: 450/750 V
test voltage: 2,5 kV
standards: HRN N.C5.353; VDE 0230/Teil 812
permissible conductor temperature: 90°C

SHEATH INSCRIPTION: EpN 50 4x10 450/750 V ELKA HR year of production

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