Along with business expansion, in the New year ELKA joined also the EUROPACABLE association, the European umbrella organization that represents even 85% of the European cable industry, including the world’s largest producers and with over 200 members of highly specialized small and medium companies. It is an association specialized for cable industry and located in Brussels, whose main task is to participate in the standardization processes, and primarily to represent the interests of the cable industry in the EU authorities and in the merger of large manufacturers with small and medium-sized specialized enterprises.


Founded in 1991, Europacable is the voice of the European wire and cable industry, representing approximately 85% of Europe’s industry in this sector.

Europacable unites previously existing product related associations. In 2010, it’s member companies totalled some € 20 billion wire & cable consumption (Source: International Cable Federation, January 2011), using some 2,2 million tonnes insulated metallic cable production at conductor 2009 which equals some 38 million km of cables produced p.a. in Europe. Europacable member companies employ over 55.000 people across Europe. The association is registered with the EU Institutions at 453103789-9.

Generally speaking, wire and cable products become invisible when performing their service: they are either buried in the ground, hidden behind walls or integrated as a part of electrical devices. But while they might not be directly visible, modern life does not function without high-performing and reliable wires and cables:
• High performing low fire-hazard cables improve the security in public and residential buildings.
• High and extra high voltage electricity cables enable the needed grid extensions and facilitate the integration of renewable energies in Europe.
• Low and medium voltage power cables will form an intrinsic part of Europe’s future – smart – electricity distribution grids.
• Optical fiber cables are key to meeting the increasing need of affordable and secure high-bandwidth communication networks for industry and private households.


As a non-profit association registered in the UK, Europacable is governed by an Executive Board, elected by the membership. Four Board members represent the different Europacable Product Groups and 2 Board members represent the SME membership. The Europacable Product Groups are supported by technical committees. Two permanent special interest groups work on Winding Wires and Medium Voltage Accessories.
Any Europacable meeting or activity is conducted in strict coherence with EU Competition rules.


President and Vice Presidents
• Mr. F. Vincent, Chairman & CEO Nexans (President)
• Mr. E. Sabonnadière, President & CEO General Cable Europe (Vice President)
• Mr. H.Lemaignen, President SIPD (Vice President)

Europacable Executive Board
• Mr. F. Romeo (Chairman)
• Mr. J.P. Machon (Vice Chairman & PG Industrial Cables)
• Mr. M. van’t Noordende
• Mr. M. Goblet (SME Representative)
• Mr. W. Schuh (PG Data Cables)
• Mr. M. Del Brenna (PG Utility Cables)

More @: http://www.europacable.com/