Already for the fourth time in a succession Elka participated on the biggest Middle Eastern power supply fair – MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY in Dubai.

This is the most important power supply fair for the Middle East and the North Africa, what was proved by more than 900 exhibitors from 55 countries on 34.000 square meters of exhibition area, and 35.000 visitors who have visited the exhibition areas in four days.

The power supply Minister of the United Arabian Emirates, Mr. Ali Hamili, who had opened the fair, pointed out on that occasion that the fair offers an opportunity to the representatives of all large power supply companies to realize in one place significant contacts with the countries of the region, whose needs for the power supply equipment show an exceptional growth. This is specially evident in the Emirates, with its intensive construction of new business complexes with numerous capital facilities, all of them requiring fitting of cables and other power supply equipment.

Elka has presented its production program within a national exhibition area of the Zagreb chamber, and has realized numerous contacts.