ELKA d.o.o.  has upgraded the quality management system acc. to the standard  ISO 9001:2015 and the environment management system acc. to the standard  ISO 14001:2015.   At the same time, ELKA has introduced a new energy management system acc. to the standard ISO 50001:2011, and after conducting a triple audit, obtained the certificate as a proof of a successfully established quality, environment and energy management system, becoming thus one of the first companies in Croatia that have integrated all three systems.

The newly introduced system of energy management acc. to ISO 50001:2011 defines the requirements for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the energy management system and enables the organization a systematic approach to a permanent improvement of energy efficiency.

Independent auditors of the international certification company SGS and our long-time partner SGS Adriatica d.o.o. conducted the audit of the business processes in ELKA, focusing on significant aspects, risks and business goals, as well as on energy efficiency. The auditor team has concluded that ELKA has established the system of quality, environment and energy management in line with the requirements of the standards, and demonstrates the ability to ensure a lasting suitability, adequacy and efficiency in its business.

Certificates ISO 9001/14001/50001 represent a confirmation of successful compliance with the requirements of the internationally recognized standards, issued by the International organization for Standardization; abbreviation: ISO. The certification cycle lasts three years and implies the implementation of initial and main certification audit, as well as two annual audits that ELKA is facing in the next two years for the purpose of confirming the continuous implementation and improvement of the certified system of quality, environment and energy management.

The obtained ISO certificates are another confirmation of a high-quality service that the customers and business partners have been obtaining in Croatia for 90 years now.

The vision of ELKA is to remain a cable company interested in vertical and horizontal expansion, with the goal of increasing the competitiveness. Continuous, dynamic growth is and will be the result of effective directing the activities acc. to customers wishes. Vision, strategy and goals are based on values and beliefs: quality, engineering, service, flexibility, ethics and focusing on goal and result.