At the eighth symposium of the Croatian branch of the International council for large electric-power systems (CIGRE), held in Cavtat from 4th to 8th November, participated almost 1200 representatives of Croatian and European companies.

The international council for large electric-power systems is a professional association with headquarters in Paris with members on all five continents. Its activity covers the issues of electric-power systems and its components, i.e. it is dealing with development, construction, operation and maintenance of electric-power plants and its elements.
At this year’s symposium the participants had the opportunity to attend 274 professional reports on the development of the newest technologies and technical solutions and their application in all segments of the electric-power sector.
This year’s host was again the Croatian Electric-Power Supply, the Golden sponsor was Končar electrical engineering, and Elka was the sponsor of the B1 group (Insulated cables).
The novelties in our production range under the name of “Adaptation of cables to specific electrical and mechanical requirements” were presented in front of a professional auditorium on the fourth day of the Symposium by the Managing Director of the Commercial Sector, Mrs. Lukrecija Matić, and the Director of the Development and Control Sector, Mr. Krešimir Škeljo. Along with the medium voltage cable elkaleks with a communications pair, constructed in compliance with the British Railways standard, and the windshield cable, they have presented also a multipurpose medium voltage cable intended for electric power transmission, suitable for all three installation methods – over the ground, in the ground and under the water.

The hosts at Elka’s stand, Tanja Stjepanović, Ivana Banožić and Miroslav Pavelić, were constantly occupied with presentation of our low voltage and medium voltage power cables and ropes for overhead insulated conductors to the participants.

In spite of a dense schedule of the Symposium, the President of the Management, Mr. Darko Belić and Mrs. Lukrecija Matić, found some time to visit the elementary schools “Gruda” and “Mokošica” from the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, and donate them with a worthy informatics equipment on the occasion of Elka’s 80th anniversary.