The traditional 16th in a row Christmas karate competition ELKA – Kyokushin Cup took place at the beginning of December in the organization of Karate club Elka and under the sponsorship of Elka kabeli d.o.o.

This international karate competition has gathered 110 participants from Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia, competing in all age categories. In an exceptionally correct and fair play atmosphere, the young members of the Karate club Elka have achieved excellent results, winning 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in fights and katas. At the competition were also proclaimed the champions of Croatia in kyokushin karate in all age categories.

As this year’s competition was organized for younger age groups, it’s primary scope was to make familiar the young competitors with the skills of the competitors from other environments, specially those coming from abroad. Here should be mentioned a specially successful appearance of the representatives of the Ukrainian karate club – Spartak, both in katas and in fights.