Increased revenue from sale on domestic and foreign market, along with preparation process for moving to a new location, marked the business year 2007 of the company ELKA kabeli d.o.o.

Good business strategy and a wide range of products intended to meet the needs of most demanding buyers enabled ELKA to keep the position of a leading cable producer in this part of Europe.

The company ELKA kabeli d.o.o.  which continued a positive business trend and a continued growth in 2007, realized a total revenue of 650 millions of kunas, i.e. 10% more than in 2006. The domestic market sales revenue amounts to 350 millions of kunas, what represents a 7% increase.
The revenues achieved from the sale on the foreing markets amount to 300 millions of kunas, i.e. 16% more if compared with the year 2006. Together with the best Croatian companies ELKA participates in significant export deals. Great Britain, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia, are only some of the countries in which ELKA has increased its presence and where ELKA’s products are recognized as a quality product.

Realized profit before taxation is 9,3 millions of kunas, what is an increase of 195% in relation to the previous year. Realized production in 2007 is 21.000 tons, with  ELKA’s share at the domestic market of 30%. ELKA’s products are installed in all major infrastructure projects in Croatia, such as rebuilding and construction of electric power network, construction of tunnels and motorways, shipbuilding, construction of telecommunications network etc.

„We are exceptionally pleased with achieved business results which follow the set business goals. One of the essential elements of our success is surely our relation towards our clients and their confidence, what is the key of success” – said the Director of ELKA kabeli d.o.o., Darko Belić, M.Sc.

Increased share on the domestic cable market, growth of sale on foreign markets, opening of specialized work places and activities on design and preparation of documents for obtaining of necessary permits for the beginning of construction of a new, modern plant in the community of Brckovljani, are the main business guidelines in the year 2008.