Dugo Selo, March 11,2008 – The Community of Brckovljani and the company  ELKA kabeli, the biggest producer of electrical cables in this part of Europe, signed a pre-contract on ground acquisition in the Industrial zone Božjakovina.  On 230 thousand square meters of total value 37,5 mil. kunas will be constructed a new high-tech factory.

“Imperative of the current business trends is removal of industry outside the towns, and this big investment will enable better work conditions, enhance the business quality, open new specialised work places and strengthen our market position. Elka’s new factory will be constructed pursuant to the highest European standards and it will represent a new pledge for a stronger development of the Croatian economy”, pointed out Darko Belić, M.Sc., Director of Elka kabeli d.o.o.

“We are proud that Elka kabeli, one of the biggest exporter in Croatia, and the company with high potentials for further development, has chosen exactly the industrial zone Božjakovina for a removal of its production plants and the administrative building”, said Željko Funtek, Head of the Community Brckovljani.

The start of the new factory construction is scheduled for the middle of 2009, and all construction operations should be finished till the end of 2011, when, according to plans, should be started a trial production at the new location. It is expected that the company will be completely removed till the end of 2012.

“I am exceptionally pleased that significant economic subjects are more and more turning themselves towards the Zagreb county, i.e. those parts thereof which have been insufficiently exploited till now. I support the decision of Elka kabeli to remove itself to the Community of Brckovljani, as it will be contribute significantly to the economic development of our county”, said after the signing of the pre-contract   Stjepan Kožić, M.Sc., the District Prefect of the Zagreb county.

Beside construction of a modern factory, application of up-to-date materials and implementation of new technological achievements, Elka announces also a soon transformation of the company from an incorporated company into a stock corporation and its appearance at the Zagreb stock exchange.