The company Elka kabeli d.o.o. will participate in the project Engineers’ Days, to be held at the Faculty of electrical engineering and informatics from April 08 to 11, in Zagreb.

The project involves the students, specially the technical schools students – the future engineers, enabling them to develop their skills and knowledge which will be most important in their future career. The organization BEST Zagreb organizes every year the projects of similar character, giving the students an opportunity to get familiar with new ideas,  team work skills, solving of problems, presentation and communication.

This year’s Engineers’ Days comprehend the Company day, i.e. an occasion for the employers to present themselves to the students on their stands by means of different presentations and engineer competitions with the aim to stimulate the students to use their own skills and knowledge for solving of the set goals. There are three competition categories (Case study, Team design and Seminar) where the students will have to work strictly in teams, for the purpose of stimulating their mutual co-operation and communication.

The Engineers’ Days represent an ideal occasion for all employers, and for Elka too, to meet in one place the promising and ambitious technical schools students, who will shortly become also promising and successful engineers.