Elka kabeli has implemented the integrated business information system SAP. The value of the project is €1.05m. The companies SAP d.o.o. and b4b d.o.o. were in charge of the implementation of the SAP solution into the business system of Elka kabeli.

The scopes of the SAP implementation were improvement and standardisation of the business processes in logistics and finances, and easier financial reporting pursuant to the world business standards.

With the implementation of SAP ELKA kabeli will become a club member of the 35 world companies of the cable industry sector (Group ICSUG – International R/3 Cable Solution User Group) already using the SAP cable solution, such as Pirelli, Andrew, Corning, LAPP Cables, NKT Cables, Ericsson, Nexans, IEWC.

In the SAP implementation project, which Elka kabeli initiated in November 2003, participated more than sixty company employees and some twenty b4b consultants.

Within the modernisation of the business processes Elka kabeli has also implemented some €50.000 worth software for design i.e. the cable construction – CABLE BUILDER.

Among other things, the new software enables quicker and simpler cable production, what will result in faster response to the requests of the buyers. In addition to the cable construction, this special application is implemented also for the maintenance of the construction related technical documentation and for the calculation of the cable parameters.

The advantage of the CABLE BUILDER lies in the fact that it enables a modular cable design, i.e. after preparation of the basic design for the specific cable type, all further and similar constructions can be prepared in an easier and quicker way.

The software also supports a simpler material application in the cable production and automatic outline of the cable picture.

Elka kabeli is the only company in the south-eastern Europe cable industry sector applying in its business operations this modern information application for the cable design.