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Insulated conductors and cables for railway and track vehicles

HT-1500 V

High voltage cable acc. to UIC 895


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ELKA produces insulated conductors and cables for railway and track vehicles acc. to UIC 895/70 standards, issued by the International Railway Union, and also acc. to DIN VDE 0250/602 standards.

According to those standards ELKA manufactures the following types of insulated conductors and cables:

insulated conductor ŽP/FJ-750V,
insulated conductor type BT-750V,
cable type HT-1500V,
cable type HT-3000V,
insulated conductor type NSGAFOU 0,6/1 kV,
cable type NSGAFOU 1,8/3 kV,
cable type NSGAFOU 3,6/6 kV,
cable type NSGAFCM U 3,6/6 kV.

Into those cables ELKA builds in a high quality insulation of PVC compound and ethylene-propylene (EPDM) based insulation, exceeding the prescribed requests of the

UIC standards. Permanently allowed temperature of conductor for these cables acc. to UIC 895 is 60ºC, and permanently allowed temperature of the insulation applied by ELKA is 90ºC, what is also permitted by the VDE 0250 standard. That means that those cables can endure considerable higher current loads.
The sheath is resistant to abrasion, heat and higher mechanical strains.

These insulated conductors and cables are fitted into railway vehicles, urban traffic vehicles and omnibuses for electric power circuits, electric circuits of heating elements, and control, steering and lighting electric circuits.
They are laid in tubes, canals, or freely in air.