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Telecommunication cables


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The development of the telecommunications technology in the world and over here imposes an up to date access to the construction and the materials which would secure the high requests imposed upon the telecommunications cables. ELKA secures the high quality of these cables by the latest technology, modern production and test equipment and by the implementation of the quality system acc. to ISO 9001. The final test are carried out at all lengths pursuant to the standards which are to be met in the production of the cable or in accordance with the buyers requests.

All newly developed cable types, same as other ELKAs products, are submitted to detailed tests and quality checks in ELKAs laboratories and in the adequate outside institutes. The catalogue provides the descriptions of the standard types and constructions of the telecommunications cables, produced in ELKA. The most frequently used constructions are listed, along with the most important data, necessary for the users, designers, assemblers and purchasers. The electrical characteristics for the individual cable types are also stated.

Beside the telecommunications cables, covered by the present catalogue, ELKA is able to produce upon the buyers request also the other cable types of different constructions. The cables are produces in accordance with the HT, ISE regulations (Internal Standard of ELKA) and according to the various world standards like IEC, BS, DIN, REA, GOST… Beside the telecommunications cables for the need of HPT, ELKAs program also covers the telecommunications cables for the need of railways, industry, shipbuilding and mining, broadcasting and television, data transfer and other specific users.