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Instrumentation cables


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Instrumentation cables are multi-pair screened cables, designed for transmission of analogue and digital signals of low power from/to surveillance, control and steering systems of electric power plants, mostly in chemical and petrochemical industry.
Instrumentation cables can be also fitted into safety systems where should be met the requirements of the standards or the certificates. They are designed for operation up to Uo/U = 300/500 V from a process monitor to analytic units and further to the control system device.

Due to a long-term experience, the instrumentation cables produced in ELKA have optimal construction characteristics in terms of their electrical and mechanical properties. High-quality materials for insulation (PVC, PE, XLPE, PO), sheath (PVC, PE, PO), armor (galvanized steel wire, galvanized steel tape, braiding of galvanized steel wire), guarantee safety and long life of cables.

Instrumentation cables are produced according to the Internal Standard of ELKA (ISE), and their construction is in compliance with DIN VDE 0815 or BS 5308. Different cable constructions are available on request, pursuant to client’s specification.