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since 1927.

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Medium voltage power cables for rated voltage up to 36 kV

XHE 46/29, XHE 49/24

Submarine power cables with XLPE insulation:

– single core with armour of aluminium alloy AlMgSi in watertight construction

– three core with armour of steel wires in watertight construction

XHEh 91, XHEh 91-A

Power cables with XLPE insulation, additional electric protection and external semi-conductive sheath

XLPE-Ay Type-23, XLPE-Ay Type-27

Insulated medium voltage overhead power cables

SFS 5791


Power cables with XLPE insulation and PE sheath with longitudinal & transversal watertight construction of electrical protection


Power cables with XLPE insulation and PE sheath with longitudinal watertight construction of electrical protection


Power cables with XLPE insulation and PVC sheath, armoured with round steel wires


Power cables with XLPE insulation and PVC sheath

XHE 48/0, XHE 48/0-Ay

Self-supporting medium voltage universal power cables

XHP 48/0-A, XHE 48/0-A

Self-supporting power cable bundles with XLPE insulation


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Medium voltage cables with XLPE insulation are manufactured with up-to-date tehnology. Cross-linking of insulation is done by dry cured vulcanisation procedure in a neutral nitrogen gas. By those procedures we obtain a high quality and tight connection between insulation and conductive layers without the possibility of their separation during the heating and cooling cycles of cables in operation.

Cross-linking in nitrogen increases the resistance of insulation towards appearance and spreading of “treeing” and thereby also of partial discharge, increasing thus considerably the grade of dielectric strength of insulation and prolonging the life-timeof cables.

ELKA has got a proper development centre and test laboratoriesfor materials and cables with up to date equipment and high qualified staff, what guarantees a high quality of finalproducts, materials and cables. The Quality Management (Insurance) System is confirmed by
ISO 9001 Certificate, issued in 1997, and Environmental Management by ISO 14001 Certificate, issued in 2002 by the firm SGS International Certification Services AG, Switzerland.