In December 2008 took place the 15th Christmas cup – Elka in the organization of the Karate club Elka and under the sponsorship of Elka kabeli d.o.o.

This international karate competition gathered 104 participants from Croatia and Hungary who were competing in all age groups. 76 combats and 84 presentations of katas in two circles were held in an exceptionally correct and sportingly atmosphere. In spite of their youth and lack of experience, the young members of the Karate  club Elka have achieved excellent results and won one silver and six bronze medals in combats and katas. On the competition were also proclaimed the Croatian champions in kyokushin karate in all age groups, where we must specially point out the two second places won by the young members of the KK Elka.

The participants and the public paid special attention to the appearance of the Goyuryu female competitors and the female members of the Croatian kata representation, presenting their skills in the performance of katas.