Ana Horvat, secretary of the Management of ELKA kabeli d.o.o., received this year award for best secretary in large companies.

It had been the twelfth year in a row that «NAVO d.o.o. consulting and services» and the national professional association «Croatian business secretary» have chosen the best Croatian secretaries for the year 2007. During a formal ceremony held on November 10 in the Zagreb hotel The Westin, five secretaries were chosen as the best in five different categories: small, medium and large companies, budgetary and non-profit organizations.

Acquired knowledge during education and work, skills and abilities, permanent training, organizational and communicational abilities, authorship or co-authorship at publications, bestowed honours and rewards at contests, are only some of the criteria applied to the selection of secretary of the year.
The rewarded secretaries in other categories are from the companies: Đuro Đaković, Rhea, First Factor and the secretary of the Education-rehabilitation Faculty’s dean in Zagreb.

This year’s ceremony was opened by Ms. Mirjana Vene, the president of HPT association, whose introductory presentation was followed by a review of jewellery of the jeweller’s shop Križek, a fashion show of the company EMKA from Pregrada, and a fashion show of business bags GALKO. This year’s “models” have been the last- and this year’s awarded secretaries, who have shown that they can perform this task very professionally too.

We must not forget to mention also a humanitarian character of this year’s ceremony, because some financial means have been paid in favour of the Association “Bubamara” from Vinkovci.

The rewarded secretary Ana Horvat takes special proud about winning this award, and admits that this award is the biggest recognition for the 26 years she’s been working as secretary.