Wir bei ELKA sind ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Wegen, unsere Leistungsfähigkeit und Sicherheit unserer Kabel zu erhöhen, indem wir dafür sorgen, dass sie sich an spezifische Kundenanforderungen anpassen können. ELKA hält ihre Forschungs- und Entwicklungsaktivitäten als grundlegend für das Unternehmenswachstum. Eine groβe Anzahl von registrierten Patenten und laufenden Investitionen beweisen das Engagement und den Erfolg des Unternehmens in diesem Bereich. Die anerkannte Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit von unseren Produkten sowie Reduzierung der Material- und Prozesskosten sind weitere wichtige Ziele unserer Investitionen in Forschung und Entwicklung.


High-voltage 64/110 (123) kV – 1×1000 mm2 – AL-XLPE
Cable successfully passed all tests acc. to IEC 60840 and certified at independent institute KEMA Netherland B.V. and KONČAR – Institute for electrical engineering

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JUNE 2010
Produced new cables for solar panels

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High voltage cables 64/110 (123) kV

Elka has started the production of high-voltage cables with XLPE insulation, which are produced under application of most up-to-date technology of insulation in triple extrusion with contemporary laying of insulation and of semi-conductive layers within the same head.

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Produced and certified new constructions of cables for construction industry

JULY 2007
Special medium voltage power cable constructed acc. to the British Railways standard.

The cable meets the branch standards of the British Railsways: EN 60811, BS 6622, IEC 60840, NR/PS/ELP/00008 and was the first in Europe to pass a demanding test –  CABLE SPIKING TEST at the CESI laboratory.

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APRIL 2007
ELKALEX with a communications pair.

Pursuant to the user’s (HEP) request, Elka has integrated the communications pair into ELKALEX acc. to
IEC 62056. It is produced acc. to HRN HD 626 S1 standard in order to enable a remote communication with electrical meters. The cable construction, with a pair stranded with the other ELKALEX cores, meets the requirements for a 40-year life-time of cable. The cables were first laid in the vicinity of Sisak in July 2007.

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MARCH 2007
Elka constructed a cable for Končar wind power unit KO-VA 57/1 of 1000 kVA power.

The cable is applied for connection of the power unit situated within a cabin and the four-square IGBT-PWM frequency converter located at the bottom of the 60-meter high tower. The factory tests of the wind power unit are completed and the exploitation results are expected to confirm the pre-test characteristics.

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Multi-purpose medium voltage power cable
Multi-purpose three-core medium voltage power cable constructed acc. to IEC 60502-2 standard, for electrical power transmission, suitable for laying in earth, over earth and under water.
Nominal voltage of cable 12/20 kV; max. voltage 24 kV; endurable impact voltage 125 kV. The cables are fitted in Slovenia and Croatia.

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JULY 2005
New generation of flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables.
Flame-retardant halogen-free shipboard cable meets the requirements of very strict category of flame-retardancy acc. to standard IEC 603323-22A, and for its production is used Elken 4401 – flame-retardant polyolefin. The application of new and higher-quality materials resulted in considerable reduction of external diameter and of cable weight.

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APRIL 2005
Optimization of cable power transmission capability using thermal monitoring

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JULY 2004
XHEh 91-A 12/20 kV 3×25/16 (75+80) – Anti-thunder three-core power cable

March 2004
New generation of pair cables enables higher rates of data transmission by means of xDSL technologies.
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TK59-50xDSL – Underground multi-pair cable used for high bit rate (xDSL) access, constructions: 5-1000x2x0,4
TC 3POHFFR – Installation, telecommunications multi-pair cable for exchanges, used for high bit rate xDSL technology access;
flame-retardant, halogen-free, low-smoke cable;
constructions: 1-50x2x0,4

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  • Flame-retardant, halogen-free cables: BXO-HFTG / b for 1 kV voltage
  • Fire-resistant, halogen-free cables: BXO-HFVO / b for 1 kV voltage

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Independent production of PVC GVT according to HD 603 standard

Pilot cable – Telecommunications and supervisory cable for railway constructions 50x2x0,9

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JUNE 2003
XHE 49/24/V 20,8/36 kV 3×120/16 – Three-core submarine power cable

MAY 2003
BXOZO-HFTG EMC for voltages 1 kV and 10 kV – Armoured, electromagnetic-compatible power and control cable

MARCH 2003
Control, pair, halogen-free cable with Databus for railway – LSK – HFTG 4x (4×1) + 2 x 0,75 mm2

Independent production of PVC GVT according to HD 603 standard.

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