Zagreb, January 20, 2010 – Elka kabeli, the leading company for cable production in this part of Europe with more than 80 years of business tradition, formally marked the opening of the new plant for the production of medium- and high-voltage power cables. With this new plant Elka has ranged itself within a small number of the world cable producers, able to produce power cables of the level exceeding 36 kV, what will significantly increase its production and export capacities.

The formal opening attended the Croatian Prime Minister, Mrs. Jadranka Kosor, who put the production plant in operation, the Vice-premier and the Finance Minister, Mr. Ivan Šuker, and the Minister of economics, labor and entrepreneurship, Mr. Đuro Popijač.

The new line for production of medium- (MV) and high-voltage (HV) power cables up to 110 kV is located in the hall of 1.830 square meters surface. The value of the investment amounted to 50.000.000 HRK, which covers the construction of the new production hall and the purchase of the new equipment for wire drawing, screening and insulation of MV and HV power cables up to the 110 kV level. Apart from the proper funds, the total investment was partly financed by the HBOR credit program via Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb, from the European investment bank fund.

It is a question of a significant investment project, which doesn’t only increase the production capacities, but also enriches the production range of Elka by implementation of high-voltage cables, what will significantly improve Elka’s possibilities of export to the European Union countries and to the world-wide markets. Elka, as one of the most significant domestic producer and Croatian exporting company, confirms by this investment a continuation of permanent investment into the quality of its products, and approaching the needs of its buyers and partners.” – stated the Director of ELKA kabeli d.o.o., Mr. Darko Belić, M.Sc.

The production hall designed and constructed the members of the Dalekovod Group with their sub-contractors. The equipment was purchased in the European Union, and the entire assembly of the equipment was carried out by expert and experienced staff of Elka kabeli, under assistance of the domestic partners.

Due to their high reliability, ecological acceptability, safety for people, lower maintenance price, higher supply reliability and smaller electric power transmission losses, the high-voltage cables are more and more used as an alternative solution to power lines for the electric power transmission, specially when such transmission is performed in densely inhabited areas. These cables contain XLPE insulation and are produced using special materials of exquisite purity, under application of most up-to-date technology of insulation in triple spouting, with simultaneous depositing of insulation and semi-conductive layers within the same head (triple extrusion).