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Croatian Quality

The sign CROATIAN QUALITY was awarded to the representative of Elka kabeli d.o.o. in the council hall of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce on February 18 at 13,00 p.m. for the line of products

Assembly of Elka d.d. Shareholders Increased Basic Equity of ELKA kabeli d.o.o.

On the today’s Assembly meeting the shareholders of Elka d.d. have approved with 99,44% votes the contract on the entry of objects and rights between Elka d.d. and the newly founded affiliate company Elka kabeli d.o.o., increasing thus the equity of Elka kabeli d.o.o. to 396,4 millions of kunas.

Supervisory Board Accepted the Consulting House Recommendation on the Method of Elka’s Sale

On Wednesday, December 10, the Supervisory Board of Elka accepted the recommendation of the consulting house CAIB on the possible way of Elka’s sale. After a detailed analysis of the possible models of Elka’s sale, CAIB has presented several models to the Supervisory Board, and the accepted model has been the one which detaches the cable production into a new – affiliate company in the 100 % ownership of Elka d.d., which will be offered for sale.

Presented a New Business Project of Elka and Koncar D&ST – Elkakon

Elkakon was founded with the basic equity of 3.092.000 of kunas, and Elka and Koncar D&ST have equal shares in the new company. Elka and Koncar D&ST plan to invest the additional three millions of kunas into the construction of new facilities and equipment.

BankaMagazine: ELKA in JDD Quotation (Public Stock Companies)

Having signed the contract with Zagreb Stock Exchange ELKA was listed in the Public Stock Companies Quotation. The article mentions the fact that ELKA is just the fourth stock company listed in that particular quotation. Ivo Culenta, Vice-president of the Securities Exchange Commission, announced the listing of three more stock companies next week.

Elka Without Dividend for Year 2002, Profit 17 Millions of Kunas

The Main Assembly should decide on the release of the three current members of the Supervisory Board, whose term of office is expiring: Mr. Jonathan Paul Cooper and Mr. Gavin Michael Susman from USA, and Mr. Michal Zaveskyj from the Czech Republic.

Islands Connected by Submarine Energy Cable XHE 49/24 12/20/24 kV

A reliable electricity supply is a vital issue for the inhabitants of our islands. A proof of the consideration which our community pays to this fact, was a recent laying of a submarine cable in March 2003. on the route Mali Drvenik – Veliki Drvenik (approx. 2250 m) and Mali Drvenik – coast (cove Voluja, approx. 3600 m).



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